Water Links

A few, targeted sources for water stories and information on the Web, with special emphasis on the topics of Dos Aguas stories:

Good Water Stories

  • The Great California Water Saga. Alexis Madrigal on California water politics in The Atlantic (Feb. 14, 2014).
  • The Dying Sea. Dana Goodyear’s excellent account of the Salton Sea, its history and current issues, in The New Yorker (May 4, 2015).

Water News and Analysis

General References

Specific Topics/Regions
Arizona Water

Rosemont (AZ) History and Analysis

  • Arizona State Museum Library. Manuscripts and archival materials on archaeology and anthropology of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.
  • US Forest Service Reference Documents. Document archive for the Environmental Impact Statement of the proposed Rosemont Copper Project (see especially authors Ayers, J.E.; Schaefer, J.; and Tagg, M.D.).
  • Rosemont Copper Technical Studies. Groundwater flow models and aquifer studies are among many documents done for copper mine planning.

Colorado Delta

  • Red Delta: Fighting for Life at the End of the Colorado River by Charles Bergman. An overview of the Delta’s history, science and people, anchored in personal experience across the region. Includes an extensive bibliography, which even if not up-to-the-minute, lists many key writers on the Delta. (Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing, 2002)

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